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Organic Fair Trade Loose Leaf Gunpowder Pearl Tea 100g

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A fresh and invigorating loose-leaf tea, the best sort of green tea. An honest Gunpowder Tea which has none of the binding agents sometimes associated with Gunpowder teas of lesser leaf quality. Small, hand-picked tender young leaves are tightly rolled into the shape of pearls, resembling gunpowder pellets, which unfurl when brewed into the original full leaf, producing a delicious, pale golden tea. The excellence of this tea comes from the quality of the original tea leaves which are young and fresh and in the preparation: The preparation of the tea into tiny little balls is an excellent way of retaining the full properties of the leaf. Stronger in taste than Chun Mee, a very small amount of tea is needed per cup. The high quality of the original small tea leaf means that unlike other Gunpowder teas, Qi Gunpowder has no bitterness.

Qi teas - fresh, tasty and 100% natural. 

Ingredients: China green Wuyuan loose leaf tea* (organic tea)

Serving: Heat fresh water to over 80-95°C. Allow 1/2 teaspoon per cup. Allow brewing for 2-3 minutes. Best enjoyed without milk or sugar.

Additional Information: Qi`s fine China teas are ethically sourced from independent farmers with long traditions in the preparation of high quality teas. They are grown on small farms, in an environmentally protected area, high in the Yellow Mountains of Southern China. All packaging is 100% recyclable and made from renewable resources.

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