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Orange and Cashew Granola 300g

  • £5.49

This granola has been inspired by a new found love of oranges and has been combined with their fresh uplifting flavour with a vital combination of sunflower seeds, coconut, cashews and sultanas for the ultimate naturopathic wholefood granola. This product contains whole organic nuts, seeds & whole fruits, just as nature intended.

Served with dairy-free milk or yoghurt. Nibbled on out of the box. Sprinkled on smoothies.

Ingredients: sunflower seeds*, orange* (19%), raisins*, cashew nuts* (11%), coconut pieces*, nutmeg*, cinnamon*, Himalayan salt           *Organic ingredients

Organic, gluten free, paleo, lightly toasted

Nutritional information: energy 2293 kJ/554 kcal, fat 43% of which saturates 10.64%, carbohydrates 34.8% of which sugar 19.9%, fibre 14.8%, protein 14.3%, salt 0.00686%

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