Nutrisport Atlas Weight Gainer 1500 - 1.5kg. Chocolate Flavour

  • £23.00

We believe the Nutrisport Atlas Super Gainer is the best worth weight gainer on the market today! Atlas Super Weight Gainer To gain weight you need to increase your daily food consumption with great nutrition. Protein and carbs are the essential nutrients in weight acquiring and attaining a 'toned' appearance. A good everyday diet plan is important and should be supplemented a minimum of 3 times daily with a nutritious beverage (between meals). The additional protein and carb (refined and not fat sugar) will allow your body to put on weight healthily. To put on weight fast you need calories. Some athletes require up to 6000 calories per day to make gains. People struggling to gain size might be missing this. That quantity of food might slow you down but Superweight Gainer is developed for fat digestion so you can eat more, feel better and train harder. For anyone who trains hard and is serious about gaining muscular weight: Take Superweight Gainer frequently after training and 1 hour before bed to avoid muscle tissue being broken down for energy. Nutritional Breakdown Supplement truths Calories: 434 Protein: 28.5 Carbohydrates: 64.7 Fats: 6.8. Active Ingredients Proprietary Protein Blend (PPB): 28.5 g Whey Protein: As Part of PPB Egg Protein: As Part of PPB Casein: As Part of PPB Carb Blend: 64.7 g MCT: 6.8 g Proprietary Vitamin/Mineral Blend: 20% of RDA. Advised Use 2 - 3 times daily.