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Green Banana Flour 250g

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This remarkable banana flour is a high quality source of resistant starch that heals the gut and helps good bacteria to thrive. It aids digestion and promotes nutrient absorption especially calcium and might help treat osteoporosis. Helps regulate blood sugars and controls diabetes. It increases the body’s insulin sensitivity therefore it may help prevent or control diabetes. It is also very high in minerals like potassium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium and zinc. Regular consumption of this flour may also help lower cholesterol. Banana flour is very easy to use and is an excellent substitute for wheat flour in all cooking and baking. It is a very easy way to improve colon health and potentially reduce chances of colon cancer.

Remember with banana flour a little goes a long way. A general guidance is to use about 20-25% less flour than what is called for in a recipe that uses wheat flour. 


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