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Gluten Free Active Organic Muesli 400g

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By combining the different dietary properties of carefully chosen unusual ingredients Active muesli has been formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of a busy and demanding lifestyle. Everything about this muesli is different: very light from puffed amaranth, sweetened only with apple, with lots of seeds. Naturally rich in minerals & vitamins for metabolism, energy and coping with stress!

Ingredients: Power Granola (Quinoa Flakes, Sesame Seeds, Apple Juice) (26%), Amaranth Puffed (20%), Sunflower Seeds (12%), Buckwheat Raw (10%), Pumpkin Seeds (10%), Linseeds (9%), Apple pieces (4%), Brazil Nuts Slices Fair Trade (4%), Quinoa Puffed (4%)
100% organically grown ingredients.

Properties: Balanced Nutrition, Carbs <55%, Contains Wholegrains, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, High Fibre (>8%), Natural Sugars <10%, No Added Salt, No Added Sugar, Organic  Protein >14%, No Preservatives or Additives, No GM
Nutrition information: Energy 1890kJ/452cal, proteins 16.4g, carbohydrate 46.3g (total sugar 4.9g), total fat 25,4g (saturated 3.7mg, monosaturated 7.4mg, polyunsaturated 12.7mg), fibre 10.2g, vitamins and minerals 

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