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Coconut Chai 40 Tea Bags Box

  • £3.20

A creamy blend of black tea, coconut and exotic spices for a truly distinctive Chai experience. 100 g of certified tea. 

Chai has been served in  India for centuries and each family has its own special recipe, combining the finest Assam tea leaves and spices to create a delicious drink that is said to warm the heart and heal the soul. 

This master blender grew up on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, where he lived among the tea gardens of Assam and learned to love the evocative aroma of freshly made Chai. His family recipes are now captured in these authentic blends, giving you the chance to enjoy the real taste of India. 

Ways of serving: Brew it as a tea, infusing for 3-5 min and then you can add milk (or dairy free alternative)  and sugar to taste. Another way of preparing Coconut chai is to infuse it as a latte in simmering milk (or dairy free alternative) for 3-5 min and then to add sugar or honey to taste. 

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