Blooming tea Artistic Blossom Flower Tea, Individual Vacuum package 16 pieces (100g)

  • £13.90

  • Artistic tea also called Blooming tea or Flowering tea. When pouring hot water into a glass, a dulcet flower will bloom from tea bud which you can appreciate relaxing when you are in low spirits.  And you also can add honey or other fragrance to this delectable green tea if you like, it will taste wonderfully. The Blooming Teas are of 100% nature and handmade which are in many different shapes that you will amaze at it. The total weight of this product is about 100 g and consists of green tea, jasmine, Gomphrena globosa and other natural flowers. It could be stored for 18 months. 

And it may be a magnificent gift idea. 

Allow up to 40 days for delivery of this product. 

Brewing method:
1. Put the dry tea into a glass, glass should be better about 9.5cm in height, over 6.5cm in diameter
2. Add 1/3 boiling water into the glass
3. Wait about 20 seconds to let the dry tea get wet, then add the rest 2/3 boiling water
4. About 3 minutes later, the flower inside will bloom from tea bud

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