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Organic yeast flakes 200g (Nutritional Yeast)

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Yeast flakes are a form of nutritional yeast which is a rich source of vitamin B12, protein, minerals and antioxidants. This is a common vegan food with its nutty, cheesy flavour.

Vitamin B12 is thought to support weight loss assisting in braking fat and protein in the body. 

This is not a raw food because of the process of pasteurising which kills yeast cells. Thank that you can use it safely in a similar way as a grated cheese: sprinkle it over your meals (pasta, salads, roasted vegetables, eggs, baked potatoes, soups). The yeast will add a `cheesy` and nutty flavour to vegan dishes beside desirable nutritious values. Also, because nutritional yeast is inactive, eating it doesn`t cause an overgrowth of Candida as some suggest. 

If you are not familiar with consuming yeast it is recommended to start with a small amount using it as a supplement to get used to it (sometimes it can give side effects in case of intolerance). 

If stored properly, in a dark and cold place (not in a refrigerator), in an airtight container yeast can be kept up to a year after opening. 

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