Just How to Avoid Microorganisms on Your Reusable Grocery Bags

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Do you use reusable bags for our grocery stores? It's a wonderful method to minimize waste as well as protect the environment. However, you might be packing even more than food in your multiple-use grocery bags-- as these practical carrying instances can become contaminated with bacteria.
Fortunately, a few simple actions can assist avoid this.

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What causes contamination?
Infectious disease specialist Susan Rehm, MD, says meats are a common contamination culprit.
She says grocery bags often come into contact with poultry, meats and produce that have bacteria on them.
Cross-contamination can occur when meat, produce, and pre-cooked foods are placed in the same bag.
“Let’s say we’ve had a ‘leaker’, one of our chicken containers, or something like that. Well, that all contain bacteria, which contaminates the bag, so the next thing that goes into the bag can also become contaminated,” Dr Rehm says.

University of Arizona researchers have found reusable shopping bags can harbour multiple bacteria, including E.coli.

Exactly how can you stay clear of microorganisms?

Right here are some ideas from Dr Rehm to maintain your bags from harbouring harmful bacteria:

  • Wash your bags regularly. Your ideal defence is to wash your bags after each journey to the shop, however, 97 per cent of shoppers admit they have never ever cleaned their recyclable bags.
  • Only use grocery bags for groceries. “It’s really important not to use grocery bags for other purposes. They should be designated grocery bags,” Dr Rehm says.
  • Consider labelling bags. “You can use one for meats, one for produce, that type of thing, so you don’t get into cross-contamination between your own bags,” Dr Rehm states.
  • Don’t store bags in the car. Dr Rehm likewise recommends saving your bags someplace besides the trunk of your car. She claims it particularly a concern in the summer when the warmth develops an optimal setting for bacteria to multiply.

If you do these basic points, particularly wash your bags frequently, you significantly decrease the possibility of polluting your food.

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