Brown and gold flaxseed (linseed) - what is a difference?

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Linseed, in general, is considered a healthy food and recommended for those who need to control their cholesterol level which can be better maintain with Omega-3 present in linseed (or flaxseed). At the same time the fibre support bowel health. Antioxidants also called lignans, improve fat burning thus can

promote weight loss. 


What is the difference between the two, brown and golden linseed? 

One tablespoon of golden flax seeds contains 2.1 grams of the omega-3 fatty acid ALA while brown seeds 2.5 grams. Brown seeds provide more fat and calories in comparison to golde ones though the amount of protein is higher in the golden variation. 

flaxseed, linseed

When it comes to comparing both products the golden one brings more attractive colour and taste. The brown seeds feature earthier taste and aroma versus milder and natty flavour of the golden flaxseed. This is why we opt for the last one, especially when using as raw sprinkling them over sandwiches or in salads. Also, as an ingredient for baking the goldish tint seems more attractive. 

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